IIT-M, Machine Design Section

IIT-M, Machine Design Section

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineers

Let me discuss about the probable basic questions to be asked while attending interviews in mechanical core company.

1.What is the material for house windows grill? Why?
2.Why tapered beam for bus stopping stand?
3.How do you design cooker weight?
4.If a man riding in cycle with constant velocity, then what is the acceleration?
5.Is the crow bar a machine or element?
6.What is the failure mode in chalk piece when u r applying tensile load?
7.Significance of stress concentration factor?
8.Significance of beam theory?
9.Difference between heat and enthalpy?
10.What is point of contra flexure?
11.What is the principal plane?
12.What is hydrostatic law?
13.What is hammering effect in FM?
14.How water tank will fail?
15.What is the Significance of carbon content in alloying elements?
16.What is the significance of natural frequency?

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