IIT-M, Machine Design Section

IIT-M, Machine Design Section

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whether the format of IIT-JEE exam need to be modified or not? 

It is the news currently occupied all the news papers & channels. 
I have put my views here.
In India, there are nearly more than 3500 engineering colleges including private, self aided and govt. colleges. The no. of engineering graduates is 1.2 lakh approx. per year from these colleges. Some 20 years back, engineering was a dream for many people due to less no. of colleges. Today anyone can study engg. course.  Whoever scoring good marks in their state board exams, they are getting chance to study in the top colleges in their respective states. If they want to join IIT, they have to write special exam.

Why cannot he/she (who are toppers in board exam) crack IIT-JEE exam?
It is because of the different syllabus following in schools in each state.

Hence first, govt has to initiate to make uniform syllabus in board exams. Or try to remove the different boards (ICSE, CBSE etc.) in India.  Then they have to interfere the prestigious exams like JEE.
Until making uniformity in board exams, it is unfair to take weightage of board exams (now govt planning of giving weighatage to 20-30 % . for board exam marks).

As per statistics, currently some of the IIT and IIM are there among top 20 institutions in the world. It indicates the quality of education and output of this institution. Joint Admission Board (JAB) has been conducting the IIT entrance test for 5 decades.  The IIT selection process has always more reliable. It is the senate’s academics that have made the entrance test, a level playing field and build the IIT brand for last 50 years. They have kept the selection process so patently fair and there is no interference especially from politicians and top govt. officials. If you have eligible score, then only u will get admission. There is no recommendation from anywhere and there is not management quota like that. Even president or PM’s son want to study also need a JEE score.

If there is any change in quality of IIT exam, then we cannot see the any Indian institution among top 100 also.
So my view is IIT-JEE exam should be continued.

It is better, govt or ministry gives this debate for taking decision to IIT directors considering the national importance. We hope govt with  IIT senate  will take good decision without affecting the current quality of education in the IIT’s.

Always one complaint are there on B.Tech graduates from IIT that they are settling abroad after their study and not serving to india. But govt is spending lot of money for them, 
I feel that It is not their problem. It is problem of India.
But M.Tech and Phd''s are studying and benefitting from IITs every year. That number more than enough to serve for country. .

Suppose assume that common entrance exam introduced, if a rural student able to crack in that exam, then it is definitely very easy for other students ( who is preparing for JEE  ICSE, CBSE board students). So still that competition will be there either in common exam or JEE exam. In this matter we have to think competition in globally only. (think about china and Singapore). So what I m thinking that there will not be any compromise for rural or urban students.. If Indian institution is there in top 5, then every Indian can be proud of it. It will be the boost for nation.

So my view is the quality maintained in the last 5 decades (JEE is not simple made just like that) should not be affected by taking any decision wrongly. Especially board exam marks considered means then there will be doubtful in the brand of IIT.

Students appearing in JEE exam is increasing in every year ( 5 years before 2.5 lakhs and last year > 5 lakhs) and no student skipped considering that exam is tough.

If IIT like institution lose its standard, then education will become commercial due to some good private institution in India. Though many engg colleges are there, many private institution charging more than 10 lakhs as donation like in  medical colleges.

Think about if that private college is there beyond IIT. At the time rich people who able to pay donation only will be benefited.

At least now there is a chance for rural student that if clear JEE exam he will get chance in IIT without giving any donation.

How rural people are clearing the prestigious IAS exam ?  It is due to their dedication, hard work and commitment.

If any exam will be made easy, then there will not be any meaning.

India like countries competition cannot be avoided. And prestigious exams especially like IAS, JEE and CAT should be continued and should not be any compromise on that to maintain its quality and standard or brand.

Always one complaint are there on B.Tech graduates from IIT that they are settling abroad after their study and not serving to india. But govt is spending lot of money for them,  I feel that It is not their(student) problem. It is problem of our country. But many people are helping after some time to our country or they are shining in other countries. In this way they are making our country to be proud.
And also  M.Tech and Phd''s are studying and benefitting from IITs every year.Most of PG graduates are working in India only


Monday, March 26, 2012

Education & Work

B.E., Mechanical Engineering from SIT, Madurai Kamaraj University on May 2002(Awarded "Outstanding Student" and Overall Topper in Mech. Engg. Dept.)
M.Tech (Machine Design) from IIT Madras (IIT-M) on May-2010(Second Rank in Machine design stream of Mech Engg. Dept.)

Work Experience:
1)Project Engineer: Sep-2002 to April-2002 in the areas of Biomass projects at Madurai
2)Graduate Engineer Trainee: June-2003 to Dec-2003 at ISRO Inertial Systems Unit, Trivandrum
3)Research Fellow: Jan-2004 to May -2004 in Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore in the areas of Composite stress analysis for LCA aircraft.
4)Scientist/Engineer: June-2004 to till date at Trivandrum in the areas of Design and analysis of solid Rocket Motor structures