IIT-M, Machine Design Section

IIT-M, Machine Design Section

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ideas for improving agriculture in India

Ideas for improving agriculture

Now a days the main problem is the lack of cultivation of food items and it is difficult for making equilibrium in demand and supply.
If it will continue for another few years we have to import all items in future and we have to struggle for food in the drought time.
So We have to introduce modern agriculture to farmers.

We must understood that , China, japan and other countries introduced modernity in agriculture to fulfill their requiremenet. After that only they went for Infrastructure and IT development. But in India, I thing it is going in reverse.

In India now a days all good cultivating lands r converted to plots and houses and people are not getting profit in agriculture and that is why they r not interested in doing cultivation
My suggestion is:
1. We have to take the steps given by "M.S swaminathan. agri scientst for good crop production" to farmers
2. Govt should intiate to takeover the land wherever water facility is availabe to avoid food pbms in future
3, Why cannot govt give dry land to private in the free of cost (like reliance industry, TATA etc ) to do agriculture? GOvt can also give subsidy, relaxation in tax to this priveate induatry those who r coming to do agri.
They can give employment to rural youth like supervisor for tomotos,

supervisor-rice like that.

If we make tender like this, i thing private industy will also come

hi friends, I m not against Urbanisation and industrialisation.
But Instead of Making SEZ by occupying good land and giving to MNC company and givng chance to do fraud work for real estate businessman and increasing cost of living in that area, why cannot we make like this (using some dryland) to improve agriculture also in india?and I would like to see SEZ(Special Economic Zone) - for agriculture also and not only for Engineering and technolgy.
Is not it possibble?

please see the Hindu’s ‘Editorial’ page titled on “Uncertain Monsoon and Agriculture” dated 12-07-09. They have also written about current position of cultivation in India and what govt should do to improve cultivation?

last year the price of all food items ( especially seeds like blackgram, green gram, Dhal) is increased drastically. It is also due to occupation of good land for some other purpose.
SO govt should take intiation to stop the conversion of good cultivating land in to some other purpose.
I thing the third point what i mentioned in that forum is needed for india. If it will be realised then i m sure india will not have unemployment and also more chances in green revloution and for becoming developed nation.
To realise it, indian top companies should come forward to do business in agriculture directly.
(And also care should be taken that this should not affect the other farmers)

Think about china and how their economy is growing fast?
(China is giving employment directly to all family through making toys, electronics items(ie each house as small scale industry) and they are getting foreign exchange by exporting it). We able to get 16GB USB pen drive (Chinese made) for Rs350 . But actual cost is nearly 1500RS). This is due to the mass production of components and they r able to give less cost.