IIT-M, Machine Design Section

IIT-M, Machine Design Section

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some fact to think……
I would like to tell some fact to think about it. In India 70% of people are living in rural areas. Those who are from rural places, many are studying in their mother tongue (Tamil medium). Out of this, can u identify how many are studying in IIM? The answer is: nobody or some countable number as per my knowledge.
Though he/she clears his written, it is very difficult to get pass in the IIM interview.
Or at least how many are studying B.tech in IIT’s? The answer is: Very less number only.
It is the situation of majority of Indian rural youths to get education in the premier Institutes.

In India, other than different languages (Tamil, Telugu, marati, Gujarat, Malayalam etc), we have this type of partiality also like Tamil medium or English medium in school and colleges and most of big people (C.V Raman, Srinivasan Ramanujam, Ratan Tata, sarabhai etc) are good in English (other than APJ)

What I am trying to say, if we want to see India in the group of developed nation, then it is in the hand of Indian rural Youths. So we try to give ideas & suggestions to them to clear their complex and also they will get confidence by sharing our experience.

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